• What is Reiki ?
    Reiki is Universal life force. In Japanese, life force is called Reiki. When this energy is used to heal a person, place or a situation, the healing system is known as Reiki healing. Traditionally this system is named Usui Shiki Ryoho.
  • Where from it came?
    Dr. Mikao Usui from Japan rediscovered this art of healing. From Japan, it spread all over the world.
  • How does It works?
    Generally It's known as touch healing therapy. Reiki practitioner touches the body of client with his hands in certain positions, or from a distance sends healing energy through his palms towards the desired place.
  • Can one get this healing from distance?
    Yes. It could be given from a distance. Time and place are no barrier to it. The client may be anywhere, healer sends the healing energies to him.
  • How it is different from other systems?
    It is very simple. No medicines or tools are necessary. Just laying on hands or sending healing energy from distance are needed.
  • What are Attunements?
    Attunement is an empowerment given by the Master to his students. After this empowerment he is able to receive and transmit healing energy to desired place. It raises life force of the person receiving it.
  • How Reiki therapy is taught?
    It is taught in different levels explained in this website. No prior study or education is required to learn it.
  • Can anyone learn Reiki?
    Yes, anyone can learn it.
  • How much time does Reiki takes in a healing Session?
    15 minutes to half an hour.


  • What is Tarot?
    It's an art of divination in which a pack of 78 cards with different pictures is used. Reading pictures on these cards, Tarot reader explains the issue. You can know the future and get suggestions out of it.
  • What does the word 'Tarot' mean?
    Though some persons tried to explain but the word 'Tarot' doesn't bear any meaning.
  • Can anybody learn this art?
    Yes, anybody can learn this art.
  • Can I solve my problems through it?
    Yes, you can solve your problems through it.
  • Where can I get Tarot cards?
    Easily available in the books shops and on internet.
  • Where from this art came?
    Probably from Italy, Egypt or gypsies all over the world. Exact origin is unknown.


  • What is Meditation?
    It is an inner journey, watching own mind. Just becoming a witness, without controlling or resisting with mind.
  • Why to Meditate?

    To know your reality.

  • Does it make me happy?
    Not only happy but blissful. Beyond happiness and sadness. A beatitude.
  • Can I solve my problems with it?
    Not directly, but it makes you balanced and gives you the quality to use your mind properly. It creates a balance between mind and heart. And this is the situation where all problems are solved.
  • Is Meditation related with religion?
    Not at all. No religion is necessary for Meditation. It's an inward journey.
  • Is it compulsory to close eyes?
    Not so. It's not compulsory. Though closing eyes makes it easier. There are different methods of doing meditation. Eyes may remain close or open.